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Business development 


Phil Guest and the Revcelerate model

Business development


Whilst studying strategy & leadership at business school a coach likened my career to that of a rock climber, selectively picking my way up the mountainside finding the best career handholds and scaling ever greater peaks to success. 

As a former Royal Marine, I liked the analogy.


Being able to overcome insurmountable challenges while gaining valuable experience building a career in sales, has helped me reach the top of my chosen profession. 

The driver of that success is a never say die attitude and ability to build and lead high performing teams to achieve impressive revenue growth for businesses.

As a business leader, I'm sure the metaphor of climbing the revenue mountain will be very familiar to you.


I created Revcelerate to help accelerate that revenue traction based on my practical experience and a developed set of skills crafted over 20 years of building commercial success for a broad range of digital businesses. .

About Me


agile sales model for accelerated revenue growth

Revcelerate is my hands-on practice designed to accelerate commercial traction for businesses.   

I describe Revcelerate as a practice because I am actively involved in delivering results.

I get stuck in at an operational level to deliver transformational change,

doing what needs to be done, quickly and to a very high standard.

Having worked for both corporate and growth-stage companies I've experienced the impact of executing commercial strategy, both good and bad, and it was while working in a variety of companies that I developed the blueprint for building results orientated commercial operations that exceed expectations.

Having validated the model in a company that exited to WPP, I continue to refine the Revcelerate model working with teams who have a passion and ambition to solve real customer problems. 

But don't take my word on it, read what others think below.


Goodway Group engaged Revcelerate to support our global expansion strategy and Phil's insight on the European programmatic marketplace helped accelerate our decision making as to where we focus our resources. Phil is an experienced and highly professional operator, his knowledge of the digital advertising ecosystem coupled with hands on experience of ad-tech provided us with unique insight to the challenges and paths to success for expanding our business internationally. The quality of his work was exceptional and he exceeded expectation. Goodway Group are pleased to recommend Revcelerate and look forward to working with Phil again in the future.


Jay Friedman, Chief Operating Office, Goodway Group 

 International strategy

Testimonial 1


An established global network of 

relationships up to C-Suite level

Top of the mountain network
Scaling the mountain strategy


Strong strategic skills coupled with a tactical awareness of changing market conditions


Advanced sales & business development skills with a track record of closing win-win contracts

Top of the mountain sales
Approach strategy


Building, coaching & empowering high performing teams

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I have a huge amount of hands-on global digital knowledge having worked extensively across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions. During which I developed the skills to unlock and nurture talent across many cultures, nationalities and local territories resulting in a global outlook on life and work.

Phil Guest has been a great resource in helping us understand the nuances of expanding our North American business into Europe and specifically the UK to start. He brings a deep understanding of the ad tech sector and the surrounding ecosystem by leveraging his skills that have been honed during his many years of working directly in the digital advertising industry.  The breadth of his network relationships is a vital asset to providing us a well-rounded and diverse perspective of the industry, players and overall ecosystem, from someone who has a proven track record and knows the best way forward to help analyze, plan and execute successful business outcomes. 


In the short-term, his network contacts have helped us better understand the various market dynamics from a number of different perspectives and his report on the UK digital advertising market, opportunity and execution plan for success will be vital foundations for our success plan in the European market. 


Phil has been a great asset so far in helping us get much farther ahead and more quickly, than if we had to do this on our own.


Renzo  DiPasquale, Vice President of Marketing & Europe

Acuity Ads 

faster execution



My Skills
Summary CV


Nov 2013 - Jun 2016

SVP International Sales responsible for driving revenue growth across EMEA & APAC for meta-DSP programmatic advertising pioneer The Exchange Lab.


Sept 2011- Sept 2013

Chief Commercial Officer for ground breaking influencer marketing platform that helped brands measure the ROI of their social media investment.


Oct 2007 - Aug 2011

EVP Global Advertising Sales and management team member for Finnish based pioneering freemium gaming company behind Habbo Hotel


Nov 2004 - Jan 2007

Director of strategic alliances, negotiating all material commercial agreements for AOL UK.

Phil Guest, business development


Years of building successful digital businesses


Oct 2016 - April 2018

Acting Chief Revenue Officer for

GDPR compliant mobile data PaaS pioneer 

working with Telcos and

finance data owners to deliver validated identify for mobile audience targeting.    

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what others say about working with me

"Phil is an exceptional operator and leader who is smart, focused, works extremely hard and executes flawlessly. Under his tenure he restructured and re-energized the team, launched Singapore and drove International to double its revenue in his first year"

Mark Charkin, hired Phil when CRO at WPP acquired Exchange Lab

"Phil constructed our go-to-market story and refined who our customer base was, resulting is closing several early marquee deals with blue chip clients. With very limited sales resources, Phil got us compelling revenue traction and a rich pipeline."

Azeem Azhar founder of PeerIndex and editor of

The Exponential View

"Phil is a true digital expert with breath of experience in both large media and small start up businesses. He is a pleasure to work with and always seems to work with interesting companies that have a unique way of adding value to our business."

Joanna Lyall Chief Commercial Officer at Mindshare

Business development

Get in touch and let's talk about how I can help you scale your next challenge 

+44 7715 322365

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